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• Ignitor
• Cartridge
• Thruster
• Airflow
• Augmentation
• Heater/Sensor combination
• To 4,200 deg. F
• Rapid Heat
• Heavy G-shock levels
• Extreme Vibration
• Resistant to corrosive environments
• Variety of inconel s/s, tungsten & assorted alloys
• Ceramics/alumina
• MGO insulation
• Swaged or drawn heating elements
• Hermetically sealed connecting devices
• Aerospace
• Medical
• Aircraft
• Defense
• Nuclear
• Semi Conductor
• Commercial

• 30 Years of Experience in Brazing, Welding, Assembly

• Precision In-House CNC Machine Shop

• Parts Manufactured to MIL-STD-105, AQL 1.0

• Provide Detailed Thermal Analysis

• Tight Tolerance Configurations Available

• Custom designs

Ignitor Assembly Heater

  • Rapid heat: unit reaches a temperature of 1,700 deg. F in less than 2 minutes.
  • Rugged construction includes hermetically sealed connector assembly.
  • Extensive testing ensures reliability.

This igniter assembly is used in nuclear containment buildings throughout the world. It's primary function is to burn off excess hydrogen in the nuclear containment domes.

Reaction Control Engine Heater

  • Combination heater/sensor controls temperature - mounts directly on thruster body.
  • Operating temperature range: -65 to 750 deg. F.
  • Duty cycle: 50,000 cycles / 36,000 hours.
  • Build to withstand harsh environmental elements.

A 30 watt heater is combined with a platinum temperature sensing element for use on the Space Shuttle engine thrusters.

Augmentation Heater

  • Mounted to heat exchanger cavity, this device generates temperatures to 4,200 deg. F.
  • Orbital life duty cycle is 12 years.
  • Over 86 separate pieces of hardware are used to manufacture the complete heater.
  • Materials include tungsten, thoriated tungsten, TZM, inconel 600 and ceramics.

Augmentation heater is an integral part of advanced satellite propulsion system. Two heaters are mounted to a thruster heat exchanger cavity where exhaust is super heated to provide extra thrust. This additional thrust substantially extends the life of the satellite.

Airflow Heater Assembly

  • Heater conditions airflow under low temperature operating conditions encountered from sea level to 70,000 feet in elevation.
  • Thermal sensors are added for safety.
  • Thorough testing under a variety of environmental conditions are required.

An airflow heater with built in thermal switch provides rapid heating for airborne optical mechanical pod.

Thruster Heater

  • Tayco has had years of experience designing and manufacturing a variety of thruster heaters to customer specifications.
  • Reliability: Heater built to withstand exposure to orbital environmental conditions for a minimum of seven years.

Tayco is a qualified supplier of thruster heaters for major space programs in the United States, Europe, Japan, Israel, and South Africa.

Cartridge Heater

  • Cartridge heaters use an innovative free-standing coil heating element to survive extreme temperature cycling and vibration exposure.
  • Light weight: The heater shown weighs .024 pound (10.9 g).
  • Operating temperature: 0 to 1700 deg. F.

Used on numerous satellites as a catalyst bed heater.

Aircraft Lavatory Water Heater

  • Durable stainless steel construction.
  • Provides rapid heat-up and recovery.
  • Size: 4.2 inch diameter, 11.5 inch length, weight less than 3.7 pounds.

Lavatory heater is designed to meet Boeing Aircraft requirements.

Manifold Heater

  • Manned space flight qualified heater assembly.
  • Highly efficient heat transfer: (+) 160 F at 68 lbs/hour, (+) 100 F at 100 lbs/hour.
  • Interchangeable heaters and sensors.

This manifold assembly is designed to heat air in a flow stream on the Space Station. The heated air regenerates the carbon dioxide absorption package astronauts use on extra vehicular activities.