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- NASA Qualified- Over 12,500 Flight Proven Designs- High Reliability
- Custom Designs - Unlimited Shapes & Sizes- On Time Delivery
- (-)350 - (+)4,200 Deg.F- Diverse Range of Applications - Wide Selection of Materials
- ISO 9001 Compliant - Certified to MIL-I-45208 - Equipment to NIST Standards

Flexible Circuit Heaters

Thin flexible heaters are light weight, rugged, and offer excellent heat transfer. Heating elements are constructed from etched foil or fine wire elements. Polyimide film, silicone rubber, pre-preg fabrics, and epoxy laminates are commonly used materials. Pressure sensitive adhesives can be bonded to heater surfaces for quick and easy installation.

High Temperature Heaters

Temperatures to 4,200 deg. F. - rugged heaters are built for a wide variety of applications and industries. Precision welding and brazing with fine wire joining techniques have been developed and refined over the years.

Flexible Cable & Harnessing

Flat ribbon flexible cable is available in a diverse range of sizes and configurations. Multi-conductor, multi-layered flex and semi-rigid flex circuitry can be fully designed and manufactured to technically demanding specifications. Full cable assembly connector termination, and testing is performed on site.

Temperature Sensors

Resistance temperature detectors (RTD's), thermocouples, and thermistors are produced to precision accuracy covering a temperature range of -425 to 1,800 deg. F. Rigid and flexible configurations are available.

Specialty Products

Includes a broad spectrum of products: pressure switches, flow measurement devices, infrared black body radiation sources, composite heaters and others. Please go directly to our specialty products category for a detailed description of these products.